Thursday Poll: How Many Android Apps Have You Paid For?

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With the quality of apps on the Android platform on the up and up, I think it’s only fair that developers are starting to look at pricing their applications accordingly. Sure, you won’t see me pay $50 for TomTom anytime soon, but I don’t mind spending a few dollars on a good game or utility application.

In my eyes, if I think I will get my money’s worth, then I’ll purchase the app. Then again, if I’m not sure on buying a game or app, I love it when developers offer a free or “lite” version for people to test run. As another thought, I recall not too long ago when many believed Android users were cheap. I certainly hope that isn’t the case anymore.

As a note, we mean how many apps have you paid for in your entire time with Android, not just what you have on your device as of this moment.

How many Android apps have you paid for?

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