Please Put Out Something Cool Today, Apple [Opinion]

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With Apple’s new iPhone event taking place in just a few hours, this may be coming too late for it to change anything, but that isn’t really the point. I’ve been really pondering lately what Apple could do with the iPhone 5 to make even me excited, a jaded Android user who doesn’t get stoked about 4″ displays, 4G LTE, or even quad-core processors anymore. NFC technology? Yeah, I’ve had that since the Nexus S and still hardly ever use it. But as many would argue, the iPhone 5 will still somehow be magical and sell millions and millions of units becoming the new “industry standard” for every OEM and your friends to compare every new and old device to. 

This is why I hope Apple can actually put out something even myself can get excited about. Even though I wouldn’t go out and buy one, I would at least know that Apple has set the bar “higher” for every other device maker to step up standards in the quality and design department. Better displays, better materials, and whatever else they feel they need to “steal” from Apple to make people want to buy their phones.

It’s not that I think Apple is truly innovative or is doing things better, but I think it’s just that the other OEMs are stuck in this cycle of comparing everything Apple does to their own. The clearest and most recent example of this was Motorola comparing their newest RAZR lineup to last year’s iPhone model. What was the point of that?

As a lover of all things mobile, it’s easy to see that an awesome iPhone means better Android devices in the future.



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