Developer Successfully Ports Official T-Mobile Jelly Bean Build to Verizon Galaxy S3

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Is there anything those developers can’t do? Well, besides truly unlock the DROID X’s bootloader? Let us all take a second and be thankful that device is water under the bridge.

Recently, a developer successfully ported a leaked TouchWiz Jelly Bean build from the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S3 on Verizon. With working 4G data, camera, and almost everything else, if you’re the hacking and modding type, then this could definitely be your daily driver until Verizon and Samsung are ready to make their version available to the masses.

Your device will need to be unlocked and rooted, but the methods for installation aren’t very difficult past that point. If you would like to download and see instructions for installation, simply follow the via link down below.

Via: XDA

Cheers Marcus!



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