Android Series 3 Collectibles Almost Ready for Retailers, Here is a 360-Degree Preview of 8-Ball Hustler

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The Series 3 Android Collectibles have seen their share of delays, but during those periods, improvements were made that should help this be the best set yet (Ball-jointed arms, anyone?). We have good news, though! According to the series’ makers, shipments of the final product will be arriving in California today, and will then cruise through customs on their way to distribution. Once that has happened, they will ship out to retailers and hopefully onto your doorsteps a few days later. It could be another couple of weeks depending on long it takes to get through customs, but we are almost there!

To celebrate, we get a full 360-degree look at one of the series collectibles, the 8-Ball Hustler. We actually posted the first look at this collectible in the wild after ComicCon, but this gives you the full monty.

(Click and drag the Android to spin.)

Via:  Dyzplastic



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