DROID RAZR M Does Not Have the Annoying Ongoing WiFi Notification, Yay!

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I hate to admit this, but one of the first things I noticed on the DROID RAZR M that just showed up at my door, was the fact that it did not have that annoying ongoing WiFi┬ánotification┬áreminder that we made a big stink over on the Galaxy S3 and Incredible 4G LTE. The device will continue to remind you that WiFi networks are near if you have WiFi turned on, but aren’t connected, however, if you turn WiFi off – no ongoing notification. Hallelujah!

We aren’t sure who to give props to on this one, but I’m leaning towards Motorola. Since Samsung and HTC both caved in to what we are assuming were Verizon’s demands, we’ll give the thumbs up to the folks behind the RAZR line. Nice work, Moto.

Unboxing and first look at the device from my perspective will be up shortly.



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