Friday Game Roundup: HueBrix, Burger, and Stunt Bunnies

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Today we found a few games that deserve some attention and instead of breaking it into a few separate posts, we thought it would be a good idea to make one simple app roundup. Down below we’ll give you a quick introduction into the games with their Google Play links and any trailers or screenshots we take while playing. We’re hoping this will be a good way for some of you to find some new games you’ll enjoy 

HueBrix (free and $1): This game is nice take on a classic. You’re shown a puzzle board and given “X” amount of blocks to fill it up with. The paid version ($1) has over 400 levels to play and for being just simple block animations, the game looks and plays like a champ.

Burger (free): I swear this game is in direct affiliation with Burger King. The goal is to build as many custom order burgers as you can in a certain amount of time. The only issue I have, is that every burger I make looks like a Whopper and makes me extremely hungry. If you have a full stomach and won’t be tempted to go grab an early lunch, check it out on Google Play.

Stunt Bunnies (free): You’re a jetpack-equipped bunny whose job is to save falling circus bunnies. What’s not to love? As bunnies fall across your screen, you touch below them to fly to their rescue, but make sure not to let any fall to their death. You can collect multiple bunnies at once and collect powerups for future rounds. The game is free and sports some very high quality animations. Definitely worth a look.

Hopefully some of these games will tickle your fancy. If you have a sweet game you want us to feature, shoot me an email – timotato @ droid-life dot com. Happy gaming!



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