Google Filing Shows that Motorola Was Worth $12.4 Billion in Total, $5.5 Billion of It in Patents

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Google and Motorola are now together for the foreseeable future after Google purchased the company last year. With the regulations and legal work is out of the way, the official paperwork has been filed and is giving us a bit more information on the whole deal. In a filing to the SEC, Google confirmed that the whole acquisition cost $12.4 billion dollars, but that most of the money went towards Motorola’s patents. $5.5 billion of the purchase went directly towards the intellectual properties that Motorola had amassed over the years. We have yet to see this purchase win any patent battles for Android, but it has probably deterred a few.

Google has said over and over that there is a “firewall” between the two companies, and that Google has no idea what’s going on over there at Moto. The way that things have been going lately, Motorola could use Google looking over their shoulder though, only time will tell how this acquisition works out.

Now that we know how much everything cost, do you think it was worth Google’s money?

Via: WSJ



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