Droid Life Q&A Session: Volume 3

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We took a few weeks off from our bi-weekly Q&A sessions, but are back to finish out the month of July. Since our last special I/O edition, we have seen the Nexus 7 arrive to many customers, Jelly Bean rollout to every Nexus device other than the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus, dealt with locked bootloaders on the Galaxy S3, and more. It’s been busy, to say the least, so let’s talk about it all.

If you aren’t familiar with our Q&A sessions, think of them as your opportunity to ask the Droid Life staff anything. Ask us about the importance of unlockable bootloaders, how we feel about the Nexus 7 a couple of weeks in, or why nothing will be better than multiple Nexus phones this winter. You can even go semi-personal if you want. We are human beings after all and like food, swanky cocktails, music and traveling. Anything in particular you were curious about?



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