Samsung Opens Up About Developing the Galaxy S3 – Multiple Models, Dummy Boxes, and Family Secrets

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Samsung’s Galaxy SIII development team sat down this week and opened up about their experiences while creating Android’s next big thing. The topics of discussion mostly revolve around security and the struggles the teams had at keeping this phone under wraps. They talk about dealing with family members, including their own children, who constantly asked about the device. They mention the difficulties in trying to hide the phone whenever it was taken off campus. Did you know that there were actually 3 different models being worked on at all times? Now we know why there were versions in the wild with on-screen navigation keys. And speaking of those leaks, remember the “dummy boxes”? Yeah, they dealt with those too. Their team even went as far as hand delivering the Galaxy SIII to testers rather than using third party courier services to prevent leaks. Helicopters were involved, no pictures were ever allowed, and trying to price the device even turned into a chore since the marketing teams couldn’t see it.

It’s a great read that can be found at the Samsung Tomorrow site below.

Via:  Samsung Tomorrow | SammyHub



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