Case of Apple V. Motorola Gets Thrown Out of Court, Apple Shot Down Again

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The judge in the case between Apple and Motorola was never really a fan of the whole thing to begin with. Multiple times he berated both sides, telling Apple¬†“frivolous” and “untimely.” Motorola didn’t have it easy either, Judge Richard Posner called Moto’s claim¬†ridiculous. Apparently, Posner had enough and today, 2 days before the trial was set to begin, he tossed it out of his courtroom.

Posner, who apparently has a reputation for cutting through legal run-around, rejected both of the damage arguments from Apple and Motorola and isn’t interested in hearing any more of the case. The suit between these two was shaping up to be one of the biggest patent debates to-date. Maybe this is a sign that the patent wars should start coming to a close.

Via: CNNMoney



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