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Faulty Pebble Blue Galaxy SIII Pictured, What the Heck is That White Stuff?

With Samsung stating that delivery of the Galaxy SIII in Pebble Blue would see a 2-3 week delay, the question lingered as to what exactly the problem was. As it turns out, a European site has already received their Pebble Blue SGSIII and knows exactly what the deal is. As pictured above and below, when viewed at certain angles, you can see a huge white or splashed liquid mark throughout the back of the device. 

What is it exactly? No idea, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want it on my phone. I don’t know whether to be concerned that Samsung is only now seeing this issue or that they’re handling it so well and plan on completely re-manufacturing the device’s backplates to make sure no one receives a faulty plate.

Via: Mobile Bulgaria



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