The Droid Life Q&A Session: Volume 1

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Over the weekend, one of our readers suggested that we try out a Q&A session type of thing here at Droid Life, so that the community can ask things directly to the DL team that they may be dying to get an answer to. And you know what? We loved the idea. As a site that prides itself on being driven by readers, we thought, “Why not give you all another opportunity to contribute or interact?” So here we go, with the first ever Droid Life Q&A Session, with hopes of it turning into a regular feature.

How will this work? It’s pretty simple really. Every couple of weeks, at the beginning of the week, we’ll open up a post for you to ask whatever it is that you feel like asking of the Droid Life team. Ask what we ate for breakfast, what our favorite phone is, favorite city to visit, if we think you should upgrade now or later, who has the best and cheapest selection of unlocked phones, why my cats are so awesome, what ROM Tim is running, if antivirus apps are needed in Android, why Eric loves Buffalouie’s in Bloomington, if Ron truly hates Android, or any other thing that you would like us to provide an answer to. We want it to be casual and fun and open to just about any subject.

What about the answers? Once the post is live each week (like this one is now), hit up the comments with your questions, and then by Friday of that same week, we will hand select 10-20 of them and answer as best as we can. Ready? Ask away!

*Note – If you see a question asked by someone else that you really like, be sure to upvote it. Questions with multi-votes are always a good sign of something important.



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