Bump Adds Photo-to-Computer Sharing Abilities, Catches Our Attention For the First Time in Years

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I’ve got to be honest, this announcement that Bump can now share photos quickly with your computer caught me completely off guard. I had not heard anyone talk about Bump in what seems like years. What was once the talk of the app world thanks to its bumpy sharing capabilities, has been off of my radar for I don’t even know how long. This new photo sharing feature though, just brought it back to my life in a huge way.

To share photos instantly with any computer, you obviously need the Bump app, but from there, you simply need to open a browser to http://bu.mp, select photos to share, and then bump the space bar to make them available for download. Once connected to a computer, you can download the pictures instantly. It seems so simple, yet this is one of those features that I’m wondering how we lived without for so long. 

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