Chameleon For Android Tablets Isn’t New, But You Can Back It on Kickstarter and Get It Early

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A newish tablet UI called Chameleon, that we first reported back in mid-March, is now seeking backers via Kickstarter. The tablet UI was once just a side project, but after receiving enough feedback during their initial preview, they decided to make it come to life, hence the need for funding.

If you are not familiar with Chameleon, think of it as a living set of tablet screens. It can adjust based on data connection, location, time of day, etc. But rather than just being a blank slate of emptiness (aka normal Android tablets), it can be customized using live tiles with weather, Twitter, photos, Gmail, calendars, and more. Using gestures, you can swipe around to activate functions, flip home screens or launch into your app drawer. It really is quite the interesting take on a tablet UI, and one that we fully support as a team that tends to get bored with the stock Android tablet experience.

So, why the Kickstarter? Again, they need to funding to make it happen. If you support them, they will give you early access to it before being published to the Google Play store. It will cost you $5 to get in on that, but if previous UI overhauls are any indication on price, this thing could sell for much more.

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