Rumor: Google Has Already Chosen Samsung to Create Next Nexus

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According to DigiTimes (yeah, stop and laugh for a second), it is essentially “given” that Google and Samsung will work together on the next Nexus device. As many of you know, Google goes through a bidding or presentation process of sorts when choosing a phone and chipset manufacturer to produce the next version of their Nexus line. If Google has already tagged Samsung, then one would assume that they were impressed with the Galaxy SIII and will likely base their next device somewhat off of it.¬†This is usually about the time that we start hearing rumors of who the OEM may be, but most (if not all) of it is just that, rumor.

What are your thoughts on Samsung potentially knocking out a third Nexus in a row? While I like the products that Sammie has produced over the last couple of years, I have to admit that even I’m ready for someone new to step up to the plate. Motorola seemed like they wouldn’t get the nod for at least a year or two after Google announced that they were acquiring them. It would just look like they were favoring their new toy. But what about HTC again? They created the Nexus One and are now producing one of the more amazing Android devices ever made in the One X, so why not give them another shot? LG, maybe? OK, let’s not get too crazy. HTC should have been it. And who knows, maybe they still will be knowing the track record of the source that started this rumor.

On a related note, DigiTimes also mentioned that HTC and Facebook are teaming up to finally create the Facebook phone. Snooze.

Let us know what you think.

Via:  DigiTimes | Android and Me



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