Video: Watch a Tegra 3 One X and a Snapdragon S4 One X Go Head-to-Head

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A friend sent over this video last night which shows a head-to-head battle between two HTC One X devices, one powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and the other by a dual-core Snapdragon S4. The focus here is on the boot-up times for both followed by an AnTuTu benchmark. What’s clear in this video, is that for pure power and speed, the Tegra 3 seems to easily come out on top. In fact, at one point during the bootup, the man behind the camera lets the Tegra 3 sit at the unlock screen for a few seconds before deciding to unlock and boot into Sense and still beats the S4. During the benchmark, it finishes a solid 30 seconds or so faster and produces a score almost double that of the Snapdragon. It’s an impressive video for Tegra enthusiasts, even if we do not know the whole setup or scenario here. Unfortunately for those that wish to get some T3 play, you won’t any time soon here in the U.S. unless you decide to import a device with one from overseas. No LTE, no America.

And we probably don’t need to remind you of this, but will anyway. This is one benchmark out of dozens that are available. We have seen the S4 beat the T3 in some, with the T3 outdoing the S4 in others. What we know for sure is that both processors are beasts and will one day find a time to do some of these comparisons ourselves, so that we know the whole story. Until that happens though, feel free to talk about what you just saw.

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