Nexus S 4G ICS Factory Images Released by Google, Hope for the LTE Galaxy Nexus Still?

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Back in early February when Google decided that officially supporting CDMA Nexus devices under AOSP was going to be a challenge, owners of the Galaxy Nexus LTE and Nexus S 4G all let out one giant simultaneous grown. There were plenty of questions to be answered, many of which never were. One that was left semi-up-in-the-air though, was whether or not Google would still release factory images to these two CDMA devices when they receive updates going forward. That answer appears to be “yes” at least for the Sprint Nexus S 4G. At the end of last week, the NS4G received its official 4.0.4 update and by the end of the weekend, the factory images for it had been posted “for reference only.”

Now this is not a guarantee that when we see a new update for the LTE Nexus that we will also be given the factory images for it, but it certainly seems like there is a pretty good chance of it happening. Maybe we haven’t been abandoned after all?

More info for NS4G owners over at AL.

Via:  Google Code



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