Lookout Publishes First Ever Lost Phone Study, Findings Won’t Likely Shock You

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Worldwide security giant Lookout, has published the first ever lost phone survey. By analyzing the data from over 15 million of their users, Lookout has realized that people spend nearly $30 billion on lost devices each year. Keep it in your pocket, folks! Along with publishing all of this data, Lookout has created the Mobile Lost & Found website, which interactively shows people where phones are being lost and helps you get a sense of just how expensive it is to lose your smartdevice. 

More interesting data retrieved is:

  • People in Manchester, England have the highest likelihood of losing their phone out of any other population in the world.
  • In the U.S. people lose a smartphone about once a year.
  • Phones are more often lost at night. Two-thirds of phone loss happens between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. local time.
  • During the week of Carnival (aka Mardi Gras), more phones were lost around the world than during your average parade-less, bead-less week.

The top ten cities where losing your phone is just an everyday thing:

1. Philadelphia
2. Seattle
3. Oakland
4. Long Beach
5. Newark
6. Detroit
7. Cleveland
8. Baltimore
9. New York
10. Boston

Bars in Silicon Valley should definitely be in the top ten. On a personal note, I lost a phone once. It was an LG Voyager and I loved it dearly. Have you ever lost your phone and never found it?

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