Modder Turns Verizon’s Cheap Galaxy Nexus Car Dock Into Fully Working Pogo Dock

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Since it appears as if we may never see a real Galaxy Nexus car dock – one with a 3-pin connector – modders of the world have taken matters into their own hands. Verizon’s cheaply made, yet overpriced plastic version that lacks any sort of connector is what you will need to get started here. After that, lasers, clamps, levels, a soldering iron, and everything else in your tool shed may come in handy. Oh, a cold beer as well since the creator of this mod says that it may take a bit to get it right.

What you are left with in the end is a fully working car dock that charges and opens your car app without hesitation. Full and detailed instructions can be found at this XDA thread.

Cheers Jonathan!



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