Tip: If Your DROID RAZR MAXX Freezes Up, This Trick Will Save You

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We actually wrote this tip up when the original RAZR was released, but we would hate for RAZR MAXX owners to find themselves without a trick to get out of a similar bind. Since neither phone has a removable battery, you are unable to do what we call a “battery pull” to reboot your phone if it were to lock up. On normal Android phones, popping your battery in and out can be a life saver, but for the RAZRs, we have to go with what’s available to reboot. That would be the physical buttons that are attached to the outside.

So if you are ever in a situation where your phone is unresponsive and you cannot get it to turn off, this is what you should do:

Press and hold Volume Down + Power for 10-15 seconds until your powers itself off.

Once your phone is off, power it back on using the Power switch and get back to enjoying Android.

*H/T to my Mom who had a RAZR freeze up this morning and found our original tip.



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