#OPMOSH Isn’t a Fan of Motorola’s New RAZR Developer Edition, Deems it “Unacceptable”

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Oh, you thought that things would quiet down on the Motorola bootloader front now that the RAZR Developer Edition has been announced? Boy did you think wrong. The folks behind Operation: ┬áMake Ourselves Heard feel a little disrespected and have deemed this bootloader solution as “unacceptable.” Their social attack on all things Moto will kick into overdrive going forward.

With Moto claiming time and time again that they would have a “software” solution to unlocking bootloaders, their release of yet another phone to address developer concerns is sort of a slap in the face. I tend to agree with #OPMOSH in that many of you purchased Moto devices at the end of 2011 because we were led to believe that at least something would happen for newer devices. Motorola has yet to release any sort of tool to unlock bootloaders and has instead asked that you purchase another phone, a phone that does not have a warranty. You also do not have the option of returning the bootloader-locked phone you already paid for.

If you own a company and are looking for a customer satisfaction model to avoid, look no further.

If you need a recap on the timeline of events leading up to this “bootloader solution,” you will want to see this post.

For details on how you can join #OPMOSH, check out this thread.



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