RIM’s New Clueless CEO Says that Android Devices are “All the Same”

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Not that any of you should care, but RIM’s co-CEOs stepped down on Sunday leaving the company in that hands of COO Thorsten Heins. What you should care about (or at least get a good laugh out of) is this new CEO – that sat down with the folks at CrackBerry this week – who believes that there is no room for differentiation in the Android platform because the phones we enjoy each day, are “all the same.” Now that is interesting.

We posted up the 3 options that Blackberry owners have to choose from should they go to any of the major carriers here in the U.S. today. Wildly different, right? No? Oh. And remember, that this is coming from the company that lost 75% of their stock value in 2011 alone and hasn’t had a meaningful innovation to the tech realm in years. But damn, I keep digressing!

Maybe Mr. Heins should hang out with Mr. Elop to talk Android fragmentation and differentiation, two things that are destroying the world of Android. Seriously Android, get it together. /sarcasm.

Via:  CrackBerry



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