Formspring App Now Available For Android – Let Random People Answer Your Important Questions

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When we got the email informing us that an app called Formspring was now available on Android, we had to take to Twitter to figure out what the heck it was. Thanks to our awesome followers, we have been able to figure out that Formspring’s purpose is to be a community based around teenagers posting half naked pictures of themselves questions that are either asked anonymously or to a connected profile. Want to ask questions, post pictures that you will regret in 5 years, or answer some that have to do with music, technology, or even some of your hobbies? Then Formspring might be a nice place to start.

Description from the press release:

The new design will reflect Formspring as it is today – a place where members can not only ask their friends questions, but also discover new people around their interests, interact with favorite celebrities, musicians and publications and participate in a global conversation around a single question.

With the official application, you will be able to handle your profile on the go and of course, answer and ask questions wherever you happen to be. Does anyone here use Formspring? Let us know what you think of it.

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