Developer Combines Android OS And Kinect, Creates Minority Report Like Experience

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Bloggers, media personalities, and tech enthusiasts alike are abuzz over a video of a developer showing off his latest creation. He has taken an Xbox Kinect and hooked it up to his PC which is then wired to his Galaxy Nexus. Thanks to Android’s openness, he has been able to rebuild a version of Android to give the needed software system access for the process to work. In short, the Kinect sees his hand movements, relays it to the PC, which then relays it to his phone. 

Description from the video:

The Galaxy Nexus is running a build of Android compiled from AOSP. This allows the Android TUIO client to be signed with the system keys so that it can inject touch events into the system. Simple Kinect touch running on a Windows PC is used to send TUIO events to the Android device. The Galaxy Nexus is connected to the projector with a MHL adapter.

The developer has stated that it is in early phases, so don’t go out and buy a Kinect just yet. We are all looking forward to more of this though.

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