ASTRO File Manager Launches Cloud Storage Public Beta

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Our good friends over at ASTRO launched a public beta for their newest service, cloud storage. It allows you to backup, access and download your files from any device you might own. To begin, the amount of storage you have is limited, but they told us that this is just for initial launch to test the waters. ASTRO has been one of the apps that we have used since the beginning, all the way back to the “OG” days, so be sure to check out their newest services.

We spoke with their CEO earlier and here’s what he had to say about the cloud:

“ASTRO Backup is simply the easiest way for any Android user to store their mobile content to the cloud. There are a lot of services for backing up and syncing to the cloud. However, we are focused solely on users of Android devices and since our 25 million users are already using ASTRO to organize and manage their files, we are giving them the easiest way to store them in the cloud without having to open or connect to other applications.”

Sign up for the public beta here.



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