New Set of DROID 4 Renders Found, Multi-Angle Shots Galore

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The DROID 4 went from being somewhat of a mystery to having zero secrets over night back at the end of November. All signs pointed to a mid-December release, including Verizon’s own landing pages for it that had been pre-built and tucked away. Then in the last week or so, rumblings of it being pushed back to February cropped up leaving us with a lot of questions. Has Verizon decided to push it back due to slow RAZR and Rezound sales? Have they realized that the Galaxy Nexus is going to sell like hot cakes for the¬†foreseeable future and can’t imagine releasing another phone? Not sure. (Note: Those were just random thoughts, folks. By no means do I have sales data.)

But what we do have, is another set of pictures that a reader pulled from a DROID 4 SWF file. Is it just me or does the phone look like it has been slightly tweaked again? The all black exterior looks nice, including that top hump that seems to have more of an edge to it. Unlock that bootloader and I’d take one. ¬†

Cheers Droid 4 Info!


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