DROID 4 Poses for Pictures Alongside DROID XYBoard, Blur Enters the Tablet Game

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Hey look, the DROID 4! Wonder where we have seen that before? Ahh yes – here (first pictures), here, here and accessories here. It’s a fine lookin’ DROID-branded phone, that will be the first in the franchise to rock out with a physical keyboard and 4G LTE. CNET seems to have had some hands-on time with it in the last couple of days, however, they could not offer any details as far as a launch goes. Actually, they aren’t really mentioning it anywhere aside from the gallery that was included with their DROID XYBoard post.

And speaking of the XYBoard – if you weren’t buying into our report last night that the name is official, maybe the picture below will help confirm it. On the demo unit that was fondled publicly, Moto placed a sticker that reads “XYBoard 10.” If that doesn’t confirm it, then I don’t know what will.  

On related note, did anyone happen to glance at the photo on the right? I’d say we will welcome in the era of Blur to the world of tablets starting with the XOOM 2. Those are Blur icons and Blur-inspired on-screen navigation buttons. It makes sense that Moto would finally start to skin Honeycomb, but I can’t help but admit how painful it is. At the same time though, tablets need something to help them stand out. Stock Android 3.X is far too bare bones to be exciting anymore.

Via:  CNET

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