Want Access to the New Google Music Store on Your Android Device Early? Just Enter Through the Google+ App

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Since Google Music and its Google+ sharing feature went live, I took to my page to start spamming off full tracks for many of you to listen to. But then I got to wondering if all of this new music goodness was available in the actual G+ Android app. Turns out that it is. You can stream tracks from inside the app and see the notification of it happening in your pull-down bar. It works really well.

What’s even better though, is that you can access the full music store on your Android device in the market before you have been activated by Google. It appears as if the current 3.3.11 market is set up for the new music store, but we all need to be given the go by Google in order to see it. If you don’t feel like waiting, find one of my shares on G+, click the “Buy” link and cruise into the music store that way. From there, you can preview tracks, purchase them, and even share them into the G+ app.

The only problem is, that if you click the “Back” button for the market, you will be stuck without music access. So what you need to do is navigate down at the bottom of each listing by Albums, Similar Artists, etc.

It’s a minor work-around that should get you feeling out the music section of the Android market ahead of time.

Have fun!




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