Samsung VP Shows Off Galaxy Nexus Features to Fox, Hopes Verizon Lets Us Know a Price and Release Soon

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Samsung’s VP of Product Planning Nick DiCarlo, stopped by the set of Fox Business Network yesterday to showcase more of our favorite mystery-dated phone, the Galaxy Nexus. In his brief time on air, DiCarlo dropped a facial unlock on the world followed by Ice Cream Sandwich’s new real-time voice recognition typing feature. The hosts were more-than-impressed I’d say, but that’s not the juicy stuff from this little interview.

When asked when the phone would be available, all he had to say at first was, “Just a little bit later this year.” Pretty vague, right? Then just seconds later the question of price was brought up and he responded with, “Well, hopefully Verizon will let us know very soon. It’s their phone, they know.” Talk about offloading the pressure onto the other guy.

We currently have a couple of potential dates and prices, but again, nothing is official until Big Red makes it official. So far though, we are assuming it will drop in at $299 on contract and about $649 off. The most recent date we saw was November 21 with “web only” availability.

So we ask too, “When, where and for how much, Verizon?”  

(If that video gets pulled, you can watch it here.)

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