New DROID RAZR Commercial Airs Just Before Launch, We Wish it Showed the Phone More

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The DROID RAZR campaign is about to get kicked into overdrive with tomorrow’s launch looming. In this latest spot dubbed “Payload,” we get the expected massive action sequences that have accompanied the last 2 or 3 DROID launches. There is a motorcyle, a car chase scene, futuristic trucks, ninja moves, a flash bang, and of course, sharp objects. It’s another impressive production, but one thing we have started to hope for was once again left unfulfilled. We want to see the phone more. We want the DROID arm, talk of what it can do over the competition, and the phone itself blasted all over your face.

Now, these campaigns are obviously working as the DROID brand has been uber-successful, but some times I wonder if the adoption rate would skyrocket again like it did with the OG if the phone and its capabilities were shown a bit more. When we posted up the anniversary of the original DROID last weekend, everyone took to the comments to drop in their favorite commercials. People actually remember specific spots as the reason they bought that phone. Now that’s how you leave a mark.

Then again, this was just a teaser, so there is still a chance that we get overwhelmed by features in the next few.

Cheers xblast and Drew!



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