Hands Free Gestures Coming To Pantech’s New Vega LTE Smartphone

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We have all been there. You are making a meal, hands all covered in beer batter, and all of a sudden you have an important call coming in. You aren’t going to touch your phone with those nasty hands are you? The future of hands free technology doesn’t think you should have to either. Shortly, Pantech is going to deliver the Vega LTE which features hands free gesture control. Wave your hand in front of the camera and control your phone’s actions. 

Not only answer/ignore calls, but you could also swipe through your gallery, pinch-to-zoom a photo, etc. The possibilities are endless. The Vega LTE is a Korea destined device, but we can hope that a manufacturer will bring this sort of gesture technology to the States sooner, rather than later. On an unrelated note, girl handling an assault rifle at a carnival? Hot.

Via: All Things D



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