Samsung’s Super AMOLED HD Screens Bring Back the PenTile Matrix?

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When Samsung swapped out the “Plus” for “HD” in its new screen on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy SII HD LTE, we initially thought that was a good thing.  Turns out that the “Plus” may have played a bigger roll than most people noticed.  According to a new report and the pictures you are seeing above, the Super AMOLED HD that was recently introduced may in fact be a PenTile (RG-BG) display as we once saw on the original Galaxy S line and not the RGB Stripe that we love in the Super AMOLED Plus.

Before we all start freaking out at the thought of this screen landing on the Galaxy Nexus – OK, feel free to freak a little – you have to remember that with 316 PPI, you shouldn’t notice the hatching for the most part. Just look at this image we took of the DROIDX2’s PenTile and tell me if you will hate this HD version from Samsung.  I sure won’t.   And if you look at the image above, this RG-BG PenTile can at least make mostly straight lines as compared to the RGBW PenTile that Motorola has made famous this year.  While I have not held the Note, I have not heard or read a single complaint about the screen.

The problem (at least to my knowledge), is that you won’t get the same battery benefits as with RGBW, but that was sort of expected at an HD level.  The phone has a lot more work to do – expect to see some massive batteries included.

Everyone relax, it should still be a beautiful Galaxy Nexus HD display.

*Note – Many in the comments are pointing out that this was sort of expected in the first wave of “HD” screens.  Super AMOLED Plus HD will probably cure some incurable disease then.

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