Verizon to Re-Launch Android Appstore, Wait Why?

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According to reports this morning, Verizon is preparing to re-launch their Verizon Appstore after it struggled to gain any momentum when it initially went live.  Currently known as VCAST Apps, the new store that will launch as early as today, will carry the name “Verizon Apps.”  It may launch on “DROID” phones first, but details are not available just yet as to how that will happen.  It will more than likely sneak its way into new updates for phones so that the VCAST store (which is a system app) can be removed.

No details were given as to what differences we will see, but we aren’t sure if it even matters if they make changes at this point.  Why would anyone want to use the Verizon Appstore other than for the fact that they can bill directly to their account?  The app selection is horrible.  The app itself is buggy, slow and not-so-user-friendly.  If anyone wants to use something other than the Android Market, we already have GetJar and Amazon.  Do we really need a fourth player?  If you ask me, I’d say dump it and add carrier billing to the real market just like every other carrier is doing.  /end rant.

Hoping to hear more today…I’m sure you all can’t wait!

Via:  CNN

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