With The Growing Market Of Android Tablets, SmrtGuard Wants You To Be Safe

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Seems like there are plenty of apps out there that stress the importance of checking your smart-device for security threats, whether it be malicious software or to protect it from theft. Lookout has seemed to be the ‘go to’¬†for most people concerned with their device’s safety. There is another player on the field though, called SmrtGuard.

SmrtGuard is not a new player in the world of mobile security, but they have just beefed up their app to allow for Android tablet support. And like some other security apps, it has the function to remotely secure your files, OTA backup and restore, block all unwanted calls, and a seriously long list of other features. They have two options for users to choose from – a free option, and a paid option. The paid option is going to run users $2.49 per month or $17.99 for an entire year for one device. Does $18 for the peace of mind sound agreeable? For some that might sound a bit outrageous, but what do you think?

And as a friendly reminder, when downloading 3rd party media, make sure you trust the source it’s coming from, and check application permissions. The best defense people have against attacks, is their own common knowledge.

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What apps, if any, are you using to protect yourselves from outside threats? Lookout? AVG? Webroot?



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