Google Did Not Just Buy Motorola For Patents, It Was Also For Their “Amazing Products”

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When Google purchased Motorola for the astonishing price of $12.5 billion, the sole reason was for some 17,000 patents. Bloggers and press personalities all across the globe speculated on whether or not Motorola’s position as an OEM had anything to do with the acquisition. It turns out that these speculations were right. Google’s Eric Schmidt stated that it was done for “more than just patents” and that “the Motorola team has some amazing products”.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Schmidt, Motorola does make some incredible products. However, they are miles behind the competition with their software, mainly the user interface formally known as Blur. In my opinion, once you strip Blur from a Motorola device you are now in possession of a godly phone.

Andy Rubin previously stated that the Nexus line will continue to be a competition between Motorola and other companies, but come on, with Google’s interest in Motorola’s hardware who can compete with them?

Would a Motorola Nexus device be one of your dream phones? Feel free to sound off in the comments and let the speculation continue.

Via: Bloomberg



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