Samsung Enters the Home Replacement Arena, We Try to Understand Why

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Samsung’s mobile lab in San Diego pumped out a new home replacement this week called Pure Breeze (hold the laughter) and we are for the most part confused by it.  We can’t tell if it’s another iPhone kang by the company that seems to kang at will or if it could be worth at least a few minutes of your time as an app that attempts to go outside the box.

When you load it up for the first time, you will notice that it becomes a page of apps similar to what you get on an iOS device.  But then you realize that it does have a home screen, only that home screen is a single infinitely scrolling vertical page that can be filled with favorite apps, widgets, etc.  From there, you have an app drawer that also has a dock for you to use to create shortcuts to folders of apps.  So no, it’s not a dock like you would see on LP or ADW, but is really just a folder shortcut for better organization.

Yeah it is odd.  There are free and paid versions – I suggest you at least give the free one a quick spin to see if this is something that moistens your palate.  


Market Link:  FREE | Paid

Via:  TechCrunch



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