“Official” DROID Bionic Twitter Says September 8th is the Day

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Our Twitter timeline blew up last night around 10PM Pacific when the “official” DROID Bionic account woke up and starting spamming off messages about the device’s impending release.  We had heard September 8 on a few separate occasions without any confirmation from either Motorola or Verizon, other than that it would be here next month.  Well, it looks like they were leaving it up to their rumored-to-be “official” Twitter account to break that news for us on a random Saturday night…yeah, anyone see anything wrong with that?

We had been holding off from posting about this, hoping that someone at Moto or Big Red would find this announcement to be pre-mature and have it deleted, only that never happened.  So either both companies have decided to announce the most hyped Verizon device in history over Twitter on a Saturday night or it’s 100% fake.  We’re leaning towards the latter, still.  You will probably agree with us too, once you take a look at some of this account’s other tweets that have way too many grammatical errors for it to be considered legitimate.

Via:  Twitter

Cheers all!



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