Google’s Eric Schmidt to Host Kim Kardashian’s Wedding This Weekend

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This is something like 99% non-Android related, but it’s not often that we get to mix celebrity and tech and just couldn’t help ourselves.  Many of you have probably heard that Kim Kardashian is marrying Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets this weekend…maybe?  Well, if you had not, just know that they will reportedly head to Google Executive Chair Eric Schmidt’s lovely Montecito estate to tie the knot.  The former CEO won’t be one of the 500+ guests, so we’re doubting there will be any green robots running around or pictures of him with a Blackberry to be had (yes, that seems to be happening quite frequently).

Interesting note on how rich this man is – he purchased the home in 2007 from Ellen DeGeneres for $20 million.  Back in January, his stock in Google was valued at over $300 million.

Check out the full spread of his digs after the break.  

Via:  AllThingsD



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