Shazam Receives Update to Support Android 3.3? (Updated)

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What’s with all of these app companies outing new versions of Android ahead of time?  Yesterday, we saw Rdio claiming to now support Ice Cream Sandwich – something we found sort of hard to believe.  Today though, Shazam received an update that says it now supports Android 3.3, a newer build of Honeycomb than anyone has seen.

We all know that Android 3.2 introduced support for a variety of tablet screen sizes, SD card (read-only) support, and a useful new zooming feature for apps, but had not heard of a version to follow it yet.  Could 3.3 be just around the corner?  Any ideas on what it may include?  Or should we assume that Shazam simply meant 3.2?

Update:  I should point out that both my XOOM and Galaxy Tab are not showing as compatible with Shazam and I’m also hearing that Transformers on 3.2 can’t see it, so maybe 3.3 is the real deal.  Maybe Shazam is introducing a tablet version with 3.3.  Fun, fun.

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