Samsung Possibly Outsells Both Apple and Nokia in Q2 Without a U.S. Galaxy S II

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Reporting on numbers of Android handsets sold as compared to Apple’s has always been something not really worth talking about since well, there is just one Apple device each year and hundreds that run our favorite OS.  We always stuck to comparing OS activations since that is the true measurement.  When one company sneaks up though and could potentially take down both Apple and Nokia in a single quarter, we thought we’d give it some run as that is quite the accomplishment.

According to analysts, Samsung is expected to announce for Q2 that it sold anywhere from 18 to 21 million smartphones (Nokia 16.7 million, Apple 20.3 million) which is pretty remarkable seeing as they haven’t even released a U.S. version yet (our review).  Once the Galaxy S II hits our shores, you can almost guarantee that these numbers will spike again as one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

Android has certainly come a long way…

Via:  Bloomberg

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