Verizon Already Drops LG Revolution Price, Is Now the Cheapest 4G LTE Phone at Just $199

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Not. Surprised. By. This.

The LG Revolution wasn’t completely doomed from the beginning, but it sure as hell had a tough uphill climb out the gate.  It was the 3rd of Verizon’s 4G LTE devices which just so happened to hit stores after two marketing monsters were launched:  the HTC Thunderbolt and the DROID Charge.  It was stuck with Bing…yeah.  The specs surely aren’t mind-blowing (single-core), the screen is average, it’s custom UI is not good, and we have absolutely no idea if it will ever see Android 2.3 (just ask G2x owners how they feel about LG).  And it also launched as the closest 4G device to the DROID Bionic which many, MANY, have been holding out for.  Some times you need fillers – this was definitely a filler.


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