Google Finally Ready to Launch Music Store? New Android Market Suggests So

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Our homies over at Android and Me discovered a set of icons loaded deep within the new Android Market’s resources (download it here) – that would be the spot where they store icons, menus, and anything that pushes the look and functionality of the app.  The icon set they’ve noticed, is the orange set with “music” references all over it that you are seeing above.  Right next to it we have the red set that’s found when you are browsing the movie section, as well as the blue icon set from the book store which is leading to their conclusion that a music section has already been built.

So what exactly does this mean?  Well, a couple of things that A&M notes.  First, Google could just be preparing for the day that they finally finalize licenses and contracts with music labels or they may have already finalized everything and are just picking the perfect spot to launch.  We all know that contract negotiations have not gone as planned, but this could be a great sign that they are moving along, bringing us closer to an all-in-one Android media store.

Via:  Android and Me



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