Facebook App on Android Slowly Rolling Out Pages, Revamped News Feed?

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The Facebook app for Android received an update on Friday that included a new video sharing feature, a more well-rounded news feed, and Pages, but the real goodness may not have happened quite yet.  According to one of our long time readers, the photos above are what you can expect to see once the Facebook app update has been fully activated on your phone.  I know what you are thinking, “This looks like a giant i*hone kang!”  And yep, it does actually, but isn’t that what you all have been asking for?

So what we can see is a “Pages” button up top, that when pressed, pops up a wheel to take you to all of your other Facebook sections like Videos, Photos, Links, etc.  The top Camera, “What’s on your mind?”, and Share bar also seems to be locked and won’t disappear while scrolling which is nice.  Liking and Commenting can be done quickly from your News feed, and there could be even more.  Looks like the app will finally come close to the version from that other mobile OS, but now we’d just like to know when it’s coming.

Has anyone else noticed their Facebook app with these new features?

Cheers 0mie!



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