App of the Day: Bubble (Non-game)

Yesterday we reviewed Simple Text. What did everyone think?

Now, in between keeping up with all of the give away goodies, I think the app Bubble is something everyone should take a look at. How many times have you caught yourself saying, “there was something I wanted to tell you but I forgot what”? Well Bubble is like your pre call assistant. You assign bubbles to any contact with a question or statement. When you call that contact, the bubble(s) pops up on the screen and reminds you of what you had assigned to it. It seems like a simple concept and it is, yet I have found that it’s just plain handy. If I have a thought about something I wanted to ask someone on a future call, I just go in and type up a quick bubble instead of having a note in my pocket or trying to remember what it was. It has a very simple UI and is easy enough to use.

Video and free market link below.  

*Today’s Amazon App Store free app is: textPlus GOLD+. It is normally $2.99 and has a current AAS rating of 2.25 stars.



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