App of the Day: Timeriffic (Revisited)

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Yesterday we took a look at TweetCaster from AAS. How many jumped on that one?

Thursday, while I compulsively scanned twitter, @droid brought this app to my attention: ¬†Timeriffic. We touched on this app over a year ago, but I think it’s worth repeating to our readers. Since that time the developer has been featured at I/O 2011 and was a top developer in 2010. So let’s give him another go round.

This little doozy of an app is pretty slick. I should mention that this app was created by a high school student looking for a way to maximize the hours in his day and spend as little time in his phone settings as possible. Queue Timeriffic. Who doesn’t want to basically get that little green robot a bit more automated? Heard of profiles, like back in the day when you had settings for “outdoors”, “sports”, etc? Timeriffic is kind of like that concept, but on steroids.

You can set up multiple profiles for multiple events in your life. Work? Sleep? Party? This is your app. You can set up literally every setting on any event within any profile that you want. Or do individual events. And what these events do is the bread and butter. You can assign the event time then direct the phone to do what you want done in that time. Silent? Vibrate? All loud? Media only? WiFi on/off? Any combination you want for the time frame is yours. Just set it up and let it go. Now you can forget about that untimely alert going off in a meeting, missed call because you forgot to turn the ringer up again, or even that battery drain from Wifi search when you forgot to turn it off. All can be done automatically now based on your schedule. And it includes a nice, crisp, and easy to use interface. Oh, and it’s free.

*A note to those of you on any Gingerbread leak – you’ll have to change your fingerprint back to 2.3.340 to find some of these apps. I’m pretty sure this one will read any print, but wanted to give you a heads up as some of the future apps I have in store won’t read the 588-595 prints.

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*Today’s Amazon App Store free paid app is: ¬†Baseball Superstars.

For all of you gamers out there, this app is normally $4.99. I installed it but haven’t had any time to actually play around with it. It has an AAS rating of 3 stars currently.


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