One Lucky DROIDX Owner Receives Official Gingerbread Early, May 26 Shows Up in Build Number

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We just got done talking about the official update for the DROIDX being pushed back a little so that Verizon can release the DROIDX2 first, and then these photos hit our inbox.  You are looking at a “test” phone that one of our readers owns which was hit this morning with an update notification.  That update as you may have guessed, was for official Gingerbread (system 4.5.596) which he gladly accepted.

The interesting thing here, is that the build number (which he’s asked that we partially blur) shows a date of 5-26 in it.  What’s significant about May 26, you ask?  Well, that’s the day we expect the DROIDX2 to launch.  Are we looking at a massive Gingerbread treat on May 26 that will involve the original DX, DX2 and Xperia Play?  It’s tough to say for sure, but it looks like you all have a new date to mark on your calendars.

Note:  Now that I’ve had a minute to sit on this, I’ve realized that the .595 leak says 5-25 in its build number, so let’s not get too excited about May 26.  That’s more than likely just a strange coincidence – we do love a good coincidence though.

On more shot below.  

Note 2:  Since many of you have asked how Airplane mode and WiFi at the same time can happen, I thought I’d give you a screenshot from my DX to show you that it is indeed possible.  I’ve also verified with at 2 people that this is indeed real.

Cheers CharlieX!



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