DroidDoes.com Receives Spicy Makeover, Incredible 2 and Charge Added (Updated)

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If you were bored and needed to waste a good 20 minutes today, then head over to the new Droid Does site and play around with all the new goodies they’ve tossed into it.  This new version is much better than that floating device thing they had up for the last year or so.  You can tell that a ton of time and energy went into the planning of this.  There are voice-overs and intricate product details – we’re just wishing they would have spent that time unlocking bootloaders or finding a happy marriage between 4G LTE and dual-cores.   The DROID Charge and Incredible 2 are up though, in case we haven’t given you enough details on them already.   Oh, and the DROID2 Global has been removed, but is still available for purchase over at Big Red’s site.  

Visit:  www.droiddoes.com

Update 1:  If you plug the code 242743 into the Level 2 activation screen, you get to look at some secret DROID Charge documents:  (Cheers CG!)

Update 2:  The DROIDX page has obviously been prepped for the DROIDX2 which will be here on May 26th.  The screen is showing up as having a resolution of 540×960 which we all know means qHD and is not featured on the original. (Cheers fuzonic!)

Cheers Frankie!



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