Official Android 2.3.4 Update List

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By now you probably know that Android 2.3.4 will be popping up on Nexus S and Ones over the next few weeks, but other than the update including Google Talk with Video, we weren’t really sure what else would come along for the ride.  Well, thanks to our friends at Google, we now have the list which details those “bug fixes” for the N1 and NS.

New feature: video chat in Google Talk

Previously only available to tablet users on Android 3.0, Google Talk with video and voice chat is now available on Android phones running 2.3.4 that have front-facing cameras, starting with Nexus S. For more information please see our blog post:

Bug fixes for Nexus S & Nexus One

– Phone shuts down or reboots: a very small percentage of users reported this problem, which is fixed with the latest release. (Nexus S)

– Wi-fi & 3G icons both indicate active: for anyone who saw this strange behavior in your phone’s status bar, it should now be fixed. (Nexus S)

– Battery life: some users let us know that their batteries didn’t seem to be lasting as long; battery life should be improved for these folks. (Nexus One)

– GPS location/navigation: some Nexus One users who noticed location and navigation problems after updating to 2.3.3 should notice improved location accuracy. (Nexus One)




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