Motorola Assures Everyone Through Twitter that the DROID Bionic is Not “Cancelled”

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This DROID Bionic cancellation situation just keeps getting more interesting by the minute.  First it was a Motorola spokesperson this morning talking about “enhancements”, and now @Motorola has decided to insert itself into the fold with a whole barrage of tweets.  They definitely want to make sure you are aware that a phone with the name “Bionic” attached to it will be available this summer and that more details surrounding the device will be available later.  OK, they didn’t say exactly that, but since we’ve been told that the Targa has moved into the Bionic’s slot, that’s how we are interpreting these messages.

And maybe to help stop some of the confusion we’ve seen in our other posts affiliated with this topic, I should point out that “Targa” is just a code name much like “Etna” was for the original Bionic and “Olympus” was for the Atrix.  So, what does that mean exactly?  Well, if the Etna has indeed been axed, then I would say there is a name up for grabs, wouldn’t you?

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