HTC Thunderbolt Won’t See New HTC Sense 3.0 (Updated)

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Probably not the nicest thing for me to do, right?  Put up a video at the top of the post of the new HTC Sense 3.0, a version you will never see on your brand new Thunderbolt according to the official HTC Twitter account.  Instead, they are saving it for their newer devices which have the “hardware requirements” to support its beauty.  We’re not surprised at all by this actually, and just days ago pointed out the fact that no major HTC device has had an upgrade to a newer Sense including the original EVO which is still stuck on something like 1.0.

So until the Sensation and EVO 3D are released and ripped apart for the developers in the building to port over to the Tbolt, we’ll be stuck with 2.0.  Oh, and this also means that the Incredible 2 which isn’t even out yet, will likely remain at 2.1 for its life.  

Update:  And just like that HTC has responded…

So they might bring some stuff over, although we have no idea what it will be.  Just give me that lockscreen, new notification bar with dual-tabs, and that spinny wheel homescreen look and we’re good!

Thoughts?  Do you really need that fancy lockscreen?  Sure would be nice.

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